About Emmeline 

Emmeline is a mulit media artist, creating colourful images through a range of mediums. Her love for pattern and design influence her painting style. She also works in printmaking and collage, reguarly combining all techniques to create decorative, mixed media works of art.


Her training in Illustration, encouraged her thinking that images can be made in many diverse ways. As such she refuses to be constrained to one medium. Instead she finds her creative joy in exploring various art materials for one central outcome. Because of this passion to push and explore, she holds a diverse portfolio of work, linked by her love of colour and design. Her images have been used on greetings cards, textiles, tableware and ceramics since 2008.


Founder of The Art Nest Gallery established in 2011, you can still find her there some days teaching art classes and chatting with visitors. However in the main she now spends her time creating and making art in her new studio, The Drawing Room, just around the corner from the gallery.